Saturday, April 16, 2011

A new chapter...

I haven't blogged for over a year...and boy what a year it's been!! Lydia turned 3 in July and continues to amaze me every day. However I'd like to personally inflict harm and the person who dubbed the phrase "terrible 2's"...they've got nothing on 3!!! However challenging she may be she is the brightest light in my life. In September she started preschool at First Lutheran and she loves it. She always has fun stories to tell and loves talking about her friends. She got to be cinderella for for Halloween and my little princess looked and played the role well. In December my mother in law treated our family to a trip to Disneyland. The week we were there we had 1 day of sunshine and then California decided it was due for some record rainfall! Lydia was totally content jumping in mud puddles and making wishes in every fountain she could find. In January my mother in law treated my mom and I to a trip to Hawaii! We had a wonderful time and it was a trip I will cherish forever. I've been so lucky to live the life I have for the past 3 years and the gift of my amazing little girl.

But Lydia and I are beginning a new chapter in our lives. My marriage is over and it's time for Lydia and I to discover who we are as a family. Right now we are dealing with a lot of sadness and confusion. I love my husband more than words can explain but those things have to work both ways. Right now it's hard...right now we do a lot of crying and I thank the Lord for zanax!! I have the most outstanding family and friends who are there for me. We will get thru this...hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right??

"When we live with resentment toward another our hearts close down. Letting go of our resentment frees us from placing blame on them and allows us to look toward ourself for peace."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring pictures

I took Lydia into Sears today in her Easter outfit to get some "spring time" pictures done...I think they turned out pretty cute!




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Spring pictures




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Sunday, March 28, 2010

How does this happen?!

Here it is, almost April and I've done it again...totally slacked off! I haven't posted a thing since December. I'm going to start with March and work my way back to goes!

MARCH really has been slightly uneventful. We did move...again...hopefully for the last time! My parents bought a new house so we moved into their old house. We are so happy to be back in Mount Vernon. The move has cut tons of time off of Matt's commute and is just minutes from my work. Once we get totally settled and organized I will put some pictures up! Lydia is now four months away from turning 3! Holy smokes! It really hit me just yesterday when we were at her cousin Ava's 3rd Birthday party. Lydia just loves Ava to pieces. They are so cute...they hold hands and give smooches and play really well together. Our Niece, Maya turned 1...can't believe how quickly that went! She is the sweetest, silliest little girl. Happy Birthday Maya Lu...we love you! Another niece, Mallory turned 4! She was just 16 months old when Lydia was born and she is such a sweet little girl. Lydia really looks up to her big cousins Maci & Mallory! We love you 3M's!!!

FEBRUARY...Busy month! We started out the month with a family trip to Ocean Shores. We had a nice, relaxing weekend. We had a little birthday celebration for Matt(he was a party pooper and didn't want anything big). Matt's mom also had a very nice dinner at their house to celebrate. We celebrated his Birthday the right way later in month with a trip to Vegas. We also welcomed a new cousin into the family...Amelia was born February 2!

JANUARY...Started out with family friends at Joel & Angela's. We had a great time visiting, playing cards and this was actually the first time Matt and I got to spend New Years together...he's always worked nights and NYE was that was fun for us! Matt's wonderful parents took us down to Tacoma to the Pt. Defiance zoo to see the Christmas lights. That was so cool! I had never been before and will definitely go again. I got to go down to San Diego for friends wedding. That was a lot of fun! I was child-less and husband-less...that was the first time ever! It was a busy weekend, helping Jen with last minute details, doing a couple cuts and colors the night before, then hair and makeup the day of. She was a beautiful bride and the ceremony/reception were amazing.

There you have it! 3 months in a nut shell! Lydia is her same old silly self. Saying the funniest things and constantly making us laugh. She is a loving, singing, tantrum throwing, smart, beautiful and strong willed little girl and I thank God everyday for giving her to me...I must have done something right in the world to be given such an amazing gift!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh, the holidays!

Things have been busy in the Meece household. Several Christmas celebrations, and family functions...we're ready for a relaxing weekend. We had Holiday treats evening at my Grandparents house on tuesday the 22. Before we headed over there we took the 4 cousins to get thier picture taken with Santa. Lydia was so excited to meet him! Her eyes were big and she just seemed enchanted by him! There was a bit of chaos and a little throw up and this is what we came out with...

we got a couple other snapshots too...

Keegan, Lydia, Maya & Addy

On Christmas Eve we went to Aunt Marie's house and did dinner and presents with Nanny's side of the family. Lydia has so much fun with her cousins and just LOVES Joel!

Christmas Morning we woke Lydia up a little after 7am to have her open presents at our house. She was thrilled that Santa came to our house...and ate the cookies and milk she left out!

Then it was off the Nanny & Papa's house. This year instead of matching pj's we all got snuggies! College team ones! We had a delicious breakfast and were all spoiled with wonderful gifts.

After that we were headed to Mamo & Papa's house(oops I forgot my camera). Again, Lydia was spoiled rotten and got so many great new toys and art supplies....including a really cool art tower with 4 stools and storage for crayons, markers, coloring books and clips to hang the artwork! We then went home for naptime and re-grouping. Christmas dinner was at Joel and Angela's. We had a yummy ham dinner and lots of tasty desserts! The day after Christmas we had brunch at SaraLyn's(Matt's sister)and yet another Christmas celebration! Lydia has so much fun with Maci & Mallory...and some day when Marla gets older, Lydia will enjoy her too! They opened presents and played a game and Auntie played castle with Lydia...Santa brought that to Maci & Mallory!!

I got to go to my friend Kirstie's 30th Birthday party and had the opportunity to catch up with old friends...I need to do that more often!!

Lydia got a tutu from Aunt Heather & Uncle Jason for Christmas and it seems to be her new favorite piece of clothing...along with her new dress up outfits!